Barlow's Fishing Tackle Express

Build Your Own Lures & Tackle Tips

Make your own fishing tackle and lures.  Illustrated articles to
give you information and tips on building fishing lures and
making your own fishing tackle.

How to use the Lunker Skirt Tool

Swim Bait Rigging Suggestions

Make Your Own Multi-Strand Jig and Spinner Bait Trailers

Make Your Own Umbrella Spider Jigs

 Tackle Crafting Today DVD

  Make Your Own Shakee Lures

How to Make Your Shakee Lures Snagless and Weedless

 Make Your Tip-Up Jigs with Hitchhiker Coils

Make Your Own Spinner, Buzz and Inline Spinner Baits
This is a component list for these different types of lures.

Making Lure Skirts with the Pro Skirt Tool

Make Your Own Spinner and Jig Skirts

Make Your Own Skirt Umbrellas
for Spinner Bait and Jig Skirts

Rattle Systems for Jigs, Spinner Baits
and Other Skirted Lures

Make Your Own Plastic Worms

The following instructions are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
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Instructions for Commercial Wire Bender - Stock Number - 430201

Instructions for Little Blue Bender - Stock Number - 430120

Instructions for Pliers Skirt Tool - Stock Number - 420025

Instructions for Economy Wire Bender - Stock Number - 430109

Instructions for Boggs Tacklemaker