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Barlow's Tackle Shop Entire Catalog - 141mb

Barlow's Tackle Shop Catalog - In Sections
General Description   Page
General Description
Front Cover General Contact Information   53 Lure Bodies &
Airbrushing Supplies
1 - 10 Do-It Molds, Inserts,
Wire Forms and Kits
  54 - 57 Molded Heads, Spinnerbaits
and Buzz Bait Bodies
11 Melting Pots, Ladles
and Casting Spray
  57 - 59 Paint, Tape, Eyes
and Painting Tools
12 - 25 Hooks   60 - 75 Soft Plastic Lures
26 - 29 Lure Building Hardware
and Terminal Tackle
  76 - 77 Shirts, Caps, Decals,
Sunbandits, Retainers
& Koozies
30 - 31 Wire Forms & Inline Spinner Bodies   78 - 90 Rod Building Supplies
32 - 33 Saltwater & Leader
Building Supplies
91 - 107 Fly Tying Materials,
Hooks, Tool
and Vices
34 Pliers, Gate Cutters
& Similar Tools
  108 - 109 Worm Making Supplies
35 - 43 Blades & Spoons   110 Catfish Fishing Supplies
44  - 51 Lure Skirts, Skirt Layers
and Skirt Making Tools
  Order Blanks Order Blanks
52 Wire Benders &
Skirt Making Tools
  Back Cover Shipping Information
& Back Cover