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Liquid Plastic - Super Soft

Liquid Plastic - Super Soft

Plastic Liquid is the primary material used to make soft plastic lures. The material as supplied is a thin, white liquid. This liquid changes to a soft, clear, plastic when heated (there are no catalysts to add, just heat). The properties of the plastic may be changes by mixing in Softener or Hardener.

A wide variety of colors or color combinations may be achieved since the plastic is clear and the user adds the color to the desired shade. All of the items offered for use with the plastic have been specially formulated for this use and are compatible with the plastic.

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by MLB
on 1/8/2012
Only way to get this soft
I've been using this plastic material for some time and it has become a stand-by. My plastic worms beat anything else I've tried, as do my grub bodies. Try mixing colors and adding glitter. As far as I know, there is no plastic lure on the market that is so soft as the lures I make with this material. It is easy to use, the only drawback being that it gets somewhat smokey so it is best done outdoors, or by a good vent fan. My favorites have been paddletails in various sizes from grubs a plastic worms. Now I plan to try screw-tail grubs. I'm betting the tails will wiggle at slower speeds than any factory made lures of the type.
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