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Fishing Lure Eyes, Fishing Lure Paint and Fishing Lure Adhesive Tape are available from Barlows. We have a large selection of 3-D adhesive fishing Lure Eyes, including 3 color 3-D adhesive Fishing Lure Eyes, flat adhesive fishing lure eyes. We stock over 50 colors of Powder Lure Paint, including Regular Powder Lure Paint, Glow Powder Lure Paint, and Candy Color Powder Lure Paint. 30 colors of Vinyl Lure Paint, plus Spray Lure Paint, and Lure Paint Top Coats. Our selection of Adhesive Lure Tape includes Die Cut Holographic Fishing Lure Tape for Do-It Molds, Clear Glitter Adhesive Fishing Lure Tape, Adhesive Fishing Lure Tape in sheets and Clear Adhesive Fishing Lure Tape Scale Pattern.