Largemouth bass, walleye, trout, crappie, smallmouth bass or catfish, whatever your species we have fishing tackle and fishing lures for you.  Barlow's online fishing tackle store offers name brand fishing tackle plus a complete selection of specialty items such as, Do-It molds, fishing hooks, bulk plastic worms, spinner blades, lure skirts, fly tying materials and much more.  Barlow's mail order catalog is available free on request. Please shop Barlow's online fishing tackle store. We will appreciate your business. 

Barlows Fishing Tackle Retail Store

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 451 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080
(Richardson is a suburb of Dallas)
Mail Order Hours*:    Monday - Friday  9am - 6pm
Retail Store Hours:   Monday - Friday  9am - 6pm
    Saturday & Sunday - Closed  
    *All times are Central Time.
Customer Service:   972-231-5982
Orders Only Toll Free:   800-707-0208
Fax:   972-690-4044

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Closeouts and Specials Items that have been discontinued or are over-stock. Items in this section may not be returned or exchanged.
Soft Plastic Worms and
Fishing Lures

Plastic worms, lizards, grubs, shad bodies, craws, tube skirts and other
soft plastic lures.  Many different styles with bulk prices.  
Soft plastic paints, dips, and dyes.
Lead Molds and Supplies
Huge selection of lead molds. Jig, spinner bait, lure, sinker, inline, mold kits,
and much more. Over 400 molds to choose from.  Melting pots,
fiber weed guards, wire forms, sinker eyes, lead for molding, and other lead molding accessories.
Fishing Hooks
Organized by Style

Fish hook indexes arranged by fish hook style. Links to jig hooks, worm hooks, treble hooks, spinner bait hooks, circle hooks, octopus hooks, big game hooks, shark hooks, weedless hooks, catfish hooks, fly hooks and more. All indexed by style.
Fishing Hooks
Organized by Brand
Fishing hook index arranged by brand. You will find links to Mustad fish hooks, Gamakatsu fish hooks, Eagle Claw fish hooks, Owner fish hooks, Matzuo fish hooks, Tru Turn fish hooks, Trokar fish hooks, Sohumi fish hooks, Tiemco fish hooks, and Lightning Strike fish hooks all indexed by brand.
Spinner Blades and
Buzz Blades
Hundreds of different blades. Shakee Blades, Colorado, Indiana, Willow, Mag Willow (Olympic Blades), Mirror Finish Blades, Buzz Blades, French, Inline,  spoon blanks, holographic tape for spoons and blades, propeller blades, Hildebrandt blades, Spike-It Blade Dip, blade and lure tape and more.
Fishing Lure Skirts and
Skirt Materials

Large selection of lure skirts in different styles and sizes.  Skirt layers, multi-strand rubber, lure rattles, skirt collars, skirt making tools and other materials for making skirts.
Fishing Lure Components
and Terminal Tackle

Split rings, beads, screw eyes, clevices, snaps, swivels, brass lure bodies, plastic bags, jig spinners, spinner bait spacers, lure rattles, wire forms, lure building tools, reclosable poly bags, connector links, leader wire, crimping tools, sleeves, plug screws,  and much more.
Tools for Fishing and
Making Fishing Lures

Wire formers, Skirt making tools, split ring pliers, gate cutters, round nose pliers, fishing tools, crimping pliers, and much more.
Fishing Lure Eyes,
Paint and Tape
Adhesive lure eyes, 3-D adhesive lure eyes, Powder paint, epoxy paint, vinyl paint, adhesive lure tape, adhesive lure eyes, alcohol burners, paint brushes, mixing cups, canned spray paint, powder paint fluid bed, powder paint spray gun, airbrush items, and more.
Fishing Lure Bodies
Un-painted Crankbait bodies, top water bodies, lipless lure bodies.
Jig Tying & Fly Tying Materials Chenille and yarn (27 varieties), bucktails, kiptails, large selection of hair and fur, thread, marabou, necks, saddles, duck, goose, peacock, pheasant, guinea, and other types of feathers,  tails, dubbing, Flashabou, krystal flash, flashabou accent, and many other filament materials, fly tying kits, fly tying tools, fly hooks and many more types of jig and fly tying materials.
Materials for Making
Plastic Worms
Worm molds, worm plastic materials, color, glitter, and
everything else needed to make your own worms.
Molded Lead Jig Heads
and Lures

Jig heads, spinner bait heads, buzz bait heads, jigging spoons, weighted hooks,
and more.
Clothing, Caps,
Decals and Gift Items
Fishing related clothing, caps , decals and gift items.
Books and DVD's Books and DVD's about fishing, lure making, fly tying and more.
Name Brand Soft Plastics
Fishing Lures

Spike-It, Spike-A-Delic,  Bass Assassin, Creme, Bobby Garland, Lunker City, Mister Twister, Gene Larew,  Yamamoto, and much more.
Name Brand Fishing
Lures and Jigs
Iovino, Bagley, Owner, Gamakatsu, Johnson Jigs, Snag Proof, Spro, Wahoo, Yellow Magics,  and more.
Catfish Fishing Tackle Catfish fishing and bait hooks, prepared catfish baits, and trotline supplies.
Crappie and Panfish Fishing Lures Crappie and Panfish fishing lures and jig heads.
Fishing Accessories Spike-It lure dye, plastic worm paints, blade dips, Top Brass weights
Rod Building Supplies
Reel seats, guides, thread, cork handles and handle kits, Struble components, and other supplies.