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Daiichi D85<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Eagle Claw L2004BP<br>Circle Fishing Hook
Eagle Claw L2007BP<br>Circle Fishing Hook
Eagle Claw L256BP<br>Live Bait Fishing Hook

Eagle Claw L669S<br>Bait Fishing Hook
Eagle Claw L198<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Mustad 10827Z<br>Hoodlum Live Bait Fishing Hooks
Mustad 34009-SS<br>Trotline Fishing Hooks

Eagle Claw L197<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Eagle Claw 254<br>Trotline  Hook
Eagle Claw 254SS<br>Stainless Steel
Eagle Claw L2004<br>Circle Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu 221<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu 265<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Eagle Claw L2222<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Eagle Claw L226N<br>Circle Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu 280 Big Game<br>Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu 023<br>Octopus Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu 024<br>Octopus Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu 120 Big Eye<br>Circle Fishing Hooks

Trokar TK4 Circle Hook from Eagle Claw
Gamakatsu 184<br>Bait Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu 184R<br>Ringed Live Bait Fishing Hooks
Owner Fish Hooks 5114<br>Circle Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu 208<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Owner Fish Hooks 5129R<br>Offshore Ringed<br>Live Bait Fishing Hooks
Owner Fish Hooks 5174<br>Circle Fishing  Hooks
Eagle Claw L702<br>Circle Fishing Hook

Mustad 39937NP-DT<br>Shark Circle Hook<br>Size 20/0
Mustad 39944NP-BN<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Owner Fish Hooks 5179 SSW Circle Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu 984<br>Octopus Fishing Hooks

Mustad 39951NP-BN<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Eagle Claw L787<br>Pro Baitholder Circle Fishing Hook
Mustad 39954NP-BN<br>Circle Fishing Hooks
Mustad 39960DT Shark/Tuna Big Game Circle Hooks

Eagle Claw 90SS Bait Fishing Hooks<br>Stainless Steel
Mustad 4480DT / 4483DT<br>Shark Fishing Hooks
Mustad 92553-NI<br>Bait Fishing Hooks
Mustad 92567NP-NR<br>Bait Fishing Hooks

Mustad 92568NP-BN<br>Bait Fishing Hooks
Mustad CH39937NP-DT<br>Shark Circle Hook