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Epoxy Fishing Lure Powder Paint
Regular Colors - 2oz. Bottles
from Component Systems

Epoxy Fishing Lure Powder Paint<br>Regular Colors - 2oz. Bottles
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Powder Paint is an epoxy paint in a powder form. The paint is cured by a heat cycle. Basic procedure is to dip a heated item (jig head) into the powder. The heat causes a layer of powder to adhere to the item and flow into a smooth, hard coating. Additional instructions are provided in the Barlow's Catalog.

Powder Paints will settle and pack slightly over time. Shake or mix Powder Paint before using.
Powder paint is packaged by weight not volume. Each color is a different weight so each bottle will be filled to a different level. All bottles will have at least 2oz. of paint in it.

Please Note: The final color of some of the powder paints do not look like the color that they are in the bottle. The heat curing process makes them change color to the appropriate final color.

Save by buying 5 or more bottles of Regular Powder Paint.
$5.99 each when you buy 5 or more bottles of Regular Powder Paint.

Item #: 406132
Price: $6.49


Average Rating: (based on 8 reviews)

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by Alansen
on 6/15/2015
Bake-On Powder Coat!
I tie panfish and walleye jigs commercially.  This paint is by far the best I have used.  I use a home-made fluid bed and a propane torch turned on low to warm the jig heads.  Mostly 1/32 and 1/64 oz. but go as small as 1/100 oz. and up to 1/2 ounce. When curing, maximum oven temp. is around 225 or the paint will sag and deform the shape of the jig head.  Paint comes out hard and durable when cured.  Main drawback is it's either 2 oz bottle or 1 pound can.  Would like to see something in the 6 or 8 oz, range.  I highly recommend this product!
by William
on 3/19/2015
cure heat listed is too high
Much easier than the vinyl.  I use a paint stripper heat gun then dip it.  I do disagree on the cure temperature on the jar.  it says 350.  The paint will melt off at that temp.  I am going to experiment.  But I think the max temp is around 200.  Otherwise a great product.  
by Kirk Bonanny
on 4/15/2014
Easiest, most durable way to paint jig heads, blades etc..
  I've been using powder paint for well over a dozen years now, maybe as long as 20, I'm not sure. This is by far the most economical & quickest way to paint jig heads, blades, spoons etc...
   You can easily do this by heating the item to be painted with a propane torch and either dip it, swirl it in a fluid bed of use an airbrush to spray it on. Once it is colored you can carefully & quickly reheat it with the same torch and put a topcoat on (candy colors, flake, two tone etc)just as easily. Once you have the color you want, place them in an oven (directions give exact temps for regular items @ 20 minutes and items with nylon brush guards at a lower temp for a little longer time.
  I highly recommend either a fluid bed or airbrush if you're going to do blades and spoons as you get a much lighter coat that will not affect the action of the item. You can also do jig heads the very same way, and you will use less product over the long run.
  trust me, this blows paint out of the H2O!!!
by Damaso
on 10/17/2013
Awesome Finish
Great quality finish and a little goes a long way with a fluid bed.
by Douglas
on 3/17/2013
First time painter
I am a beginner at this, and find it super easy.  The paint is great.
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